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Popular UK Credit Card

Virgin Money

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Transfer balances from a high interest rate card to a low APR credit card

Popular Balance Transfer Credit Card

Barclaycard Platinum with Balance Transfer

Cash Back Credit Cards

Earn cash back on purchases made with a cash back credit card

Popular Cash Back Credit Card

Amex Platinum Cashback

Travel/Airline Credit Cards

Save on travel expenses and earn rewards using an airlines credit card

Popular Travel/Airline Credit Card

Amex British Airways

Low Interest Credit Cards

Save on interest rates with a low, fixed rate credit card

Popular Low Interest Credit Card

Lloyds TSB Advance

Poor Credit Credit Cards

Credit cards for customers with a less than perfect credit or who are looking to rebuild their credit

Popular Poor Credit Credit Card

Capital One Visa

The Case for College Credit Cards

There’s been a lot of scrutiny and criticism aimed at college-aged kids and credit card offers. Many college students are already accumulating debt through student loans, and some of the marketing arrangements between banks and college campuses feel downright slimy. But should you panic when your child brings home their first credit card? Here are a few reasons why college kids with credit cardsmight
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Student Credit Cards 101

Almost all students have and use student credit cards. Some of the students use them wisely and build for them an early credit history but others accumulate lots of debts that would have to be paid off once the student life is over. Students that have a credit card should learn how to take charge and manage their own finances as soon as possible,
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Understanding Your Credit Card Rights

When you apply for and are issued credit, your signature on the credit application acts as your acceptance of the terms set forth by the issuing financial institution. Even though it may seem that the issuer has the upper hand in all matters related to using the credit, that’s not entirely true. You have certain rights, many of which are provided under the Fair
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