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Cash Back Credit Cards

Want to earn money back every time you spend? If you have an excellent credit score and clear your balance each month use our free, independent & whole of the market comparison service to find the best cash back credit card.


Select the type of credit card you are interested in.

American Express Platinum Cashback

Representative Example: If you spend £1,200 at an annual interest rate of 19.9% (variable) your Representative APR will be 19.9% (variable).


Capital One World MasterCard

Representative Example: If you spend £1,200 at a purchase interest rate of 9.8% (variable) with a £18 annual Fee your Representative APR will be 12.9% (variable).


Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity

Representative Example: If you spend £1,200 at an annual interest rate of 7.9% (variable) your Representative APR will be 7.9% (variable).



What is a Cashback Credit Card

Cash back credit cards are a kind of reward cards with which you get tax-free cash for every purchase you make. These cards are the most popular type in North America according to a survey by TNS Global’s Financial Services. Results show that 57.4 per cent of reward credit cardholders own cash back cards. If you choose this option, there is one main rule to follow: always pay the card off in full, else interest piles up and makes up for the cash you get back. The best way to make sure the card is paid off every month is by setting up direct debit. This is when you allow the card company to take money in a set or varying amount a month, which matches what you owe it. Make sure the issuer is aware that you have paid off the card in full. If you have taken these steps you can trust in the fact that you make money every time you use the cash back card. The company charges retailers in order to prevent operating at a loss, and you get a large portion of the retailer’s fee. You can make money in other ways apart from cash back. Two such ways are saving and taking advantage of bonuses. A lot of people have made money by getting a loan from the credit card company at 0 percent interest and then putting it away in a bank account with high interest.


MasterCard Cashback Credit Cards

Your Standard Chartered MasterCard Cashback Credit Card combines the global acceptability of MasterCard with amazing Cashback rewards. This revolutionary card promises you the most attractive and transparent rewards program in Pakistan; guaranteed Cashback on fuel, groceries and all other retail expenditures, absolutely anywhere in Pakistan! Plainly, this credit card is committed towards reducing the burden of your monthly expenses by ensuring that you save and gain every time you spend.


How would you prefer to access your account?

If you would like to manage your account through your computer then the best suited account will offer you telephone and online accounting services. Or if you prefer to talk face to face or have access to branch directly we can find providers that offer a more traditional banking experience with a high street branch.